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About Us

The Machine Learning
Automation Firm

The AI Pow team has its origins in academia. Our team developed highly praised open-source packages such as AutoKeras, the number 1 automated deep learning software on GitHub with over 8,100 stars in 1,300 forks. With AI Pow’s tools, our current users have achieved comparable accuracy as ML models designed by human experts in manufacturing, social media, and e-commerce at a fraction of current time and cost.

AI Pow’s is pushing forward current technologies to democratize machine learning and make it accessible to domain experts, regardless of their programming background.

  • AI Pow’s ML Automation
  • Human-centric XAI integration

Who we are

Building Real-World Ai
Solutions at Big Data Scale

AI Pow’s competitive advantage is in our strong focus on ML automation, which we inherently combine with explainable AI to maximize human knowledge with intelligent machine support.


ML automation

ML model generation for cloud applications and the Internet of Things


Software and Hardware integration

Quick and intelligent data analysis where information is generated


Data analytics

Deploy advanced Machine Learning regardless of data-science background


Data visualization

Outliers visualized in context to ensure the fastest engineering response

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AI-first solutions for a data-driven world.

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